Flawless Contractor Open Day

Pete Manning 188 x 136

Hi, I am Pete Manning, Contractor Liaison Market Manager at Sika.

Sika recently held a Contractor Open Day to coincide with the launch of the new range of Sika Flooring Products. A vitally important day as Sika are looking to back up their fantastic range of products with the finest workmanship in the market and work in partnership to provide a complete packaged solution to the end client.

The day was a fantastic turnout and was fully booked weeks prior to the event. Contractors throughout the UK got to see the extensive range on offer from Sika and they liked what they saw! The next step for Sika is to cement these relationships and offer industry leading training along with expert onsite assistance to ensure the future of the resin flooring market is Sika Specified!!!

contractor recruitment Feb 2014 417

contractor recruitment Feb 2014 446

contractor recruitment Feb 2014 447

contractor recruitment Feb 2014 472


For more information about Sika’s flooring systems, please click here: Sika Flooring

3 thoughts on “Flawless Contractor Open Day

    • “Hi Daryl,

      The recent launch was to develop new partnerships throughout the UK. We are also hosting a launch in March for all our key existing customers, more information is imminent.”

      Pete Manning, Marketing Manager – Roofing & Flooring

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