Sika Flooring Contractors – The Perfect Partner


Pete Manning 188 x 1362014 is going to be a big year for us in flooring at Sika as we aim to make a significant impact on the UK flooring market. To help achieve this we have a dedicated sales force, expert technical back up and support, and a creative marketing strategy.

We also understand the importance of having a strong registered contractor network to provide quality workmanship and first class application of the full range of Sika flooring products. Having a strong network of registered contractors ultimately ensures end user satisfaction and hopefully more opportunities for us all. Having a comprehensive training programme means we can be confident that operatives fully understand the systems they are applying, however it does not stop there, with registered contractors the training and support continues throughout a project ensuring Sika and the contractor work in partnership throughout.

There are also many more benefits of being a Sika Flooring Registered Contractor, such as joint promotional campaigns, professional project photography, an exclusive micro-site allowing contractors access to key information in an instant, plus many more benefits. We strongly believe in building long term relationships at all levels with our partners, ensuring quality, trust and expertise is never compromised.

Visit the Sika website to read more about our flooring systems Sika Flooring

4 thoughts on “Sika Flooring Contractors – The Perfect Partner

    • Of course! Sika has solutions for just about any flooring situation. Please contact our Technical Support Team on 0800 112 3863 to discuss the specifics of your enquiry in more depth.

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