Ecobuild 2014 – A Fantastic Event

jon morrisEcobuild 2014 was a fantastic event, and Sika Liquid Plastics, Sika Sarnafil and Sika-Trocal were all there to fly the flag in the NFRC Roofing pavilion.

The attendance at the event was really great, and the event was a credit to the organisers and NFRC.


You can see how the Sika Roofing stand looked (right). We were really busy all day, and I can tell you, I couldn’t wait to sit down by the end of each day!

As you can see, Andy Smith, our field technician, was also busy entertaining the crowds during the Sarnafil demonstrations.

ecobuild 1

Like every event stress levels were high. But the end result was brilliant… and Ecobuild was a great way to interact with our customers, and shout about our brand.

So I thought it would be a great blog post topic, to give some tips and hints based on my recent experiences, for those organising an event for the first time!




Jon’s Four Step Guide to a Successful Event

1. Which event should you attend?

In the first instance it is important to choose the correct exhibition for your company. Check for feedback on blogs and websites over past events, check how the exhibition is being advertised, and make sure that your products and services match the expectation of visitors.

2. How will you portray your brand?

The first thing you will need to think about is – how your stand will look. This means taking into consideration what customers you want to appeal to, how your brand will be portrayed on your stand, and most importantly, the position of your stand.

In addition, a stand which shows demonstrations may need to think about health and safety and risk prevention. Luckily for us at Sika, risk is already minimised using our systems, as both Sika-Trocal and Sika Saranfil use heat welding installation or can be adhered or mechanically fixed, and Sika Liquid Plastics is completely cold applied, so just like on site, we escape the need for hot works insurance.

3. Attending the stand

It is always important to ensure that you have the right personnel on your stand, who fully understand your products and services, and give the right impression of your brand.

You may also need to think about not having the correct number of representatives on the stand – making sure you don’t overcrowd or overpower customers, and have a consistent look and feel in terms of what your representatives are wearing.

People attending exhibitions are also keen to take home some goodies, so if you have the budget, branded giveaways are a great way to keep in the minds of your customers. Practical giveaways that relate to your target audience always work best, scale rulers for architects, calculators for accountants and so forth.

4. Follow up

The most rewarding part of any exhibition is following up your hard earned customers’ requests. Make sure you make a note of exactly what it is your customer is looking for, and send through relevant and appropriate information relating to their specific requirements.

I hope these hints and tips are helpful! Good luck in your future exhibitions.

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