Sika Marketing Academy

CherylHello my name is Cheryl Douglas, Head of Marketing for Sika Limited in the UK. I have worked in construction marketing for over 15 years now and I never fail to learn something new every day!

It is such a challenging and fast changing industry from both a marketing and product innovation viewpoint. Working for Sika, a company that touches every corner of the construction industry, is a very exciting place to be. Some of my challenges are ensuring that the Marketing Team come together on a regular basis, share their knowledge, share their ideas and initiatives and ensure consistency of our branding and messages to you.

As a professional marketer, I am absolutely clear on the requirement to upskill/refresh staff with regular training. Whether that is through a recognised industry approach such as The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) or bespoke in-house training. This is why I have set up Sika’s first ‘Marketing Training Academy’.

Marketing Training in action Jan 3 2014The first workshop took place in January and following on from this a series of pragmatic workshops are being developed that tackle ‘live action’ issues relevant to Sika, ensuring that content and delivery are relevant and that outcomes can be implemented.

We held the second workshop on Customer Insight last week, the feedback from the Marketing Team was fantastic with a fresh focus on ‘viewing life from a customer’s perspective’ and ‘putting learning into practice’. Remember “There are only two sources of competitive advantage:  The ability to learn more about our customers faster than our competition and the ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition” (Jack Welch – CEO General Electric 1981-2001).

Watch out for my next instalment on ‘Marketing Planning’.

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