Sika: Sealing & Bonding

George Fraser KD948-182Hello, my name is George Fraser (George is short for Georgina, but only my Mum calls me that!) my role at Sika is Marketing Manager for the Sealing & Bonding team.

I have worked at Sika for 15 years (I know, I don’t look old enough!) but Sealing & Bonding is a brand new team and therefore a new role for me.  My previous role was Product Manager for our Distribution team which has now moved up to Leeds following our acquisition of Everbuild.

So, what does Sealing & Bonding mean?  Within our team, we look after a range of sealants and adhesives for many different applications, from façade joint sealing and structural glazing to wood floor bonding.

On the façade side, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Sikasil Registered Contractor Scheme ‘hot on the tails’ of the highly successful and acclaimed SikaTack Panel Registered Scheme.

The objective for both of these industry leading schemes is very simple.  To recognise and promote specialist facade contractors who have the necessary experience and successful track record in the installation of Sika structural adhesive systems for both glass and rainscreen facades.

Specifiers and clients who select Sika Registered Contractors from our published lists can rest assured they will be using a specialist contractor who has quality management systems in place and has further invested in their own employees via training at the Sika Sealing and Bonding training academy in Welwyn Garden City.

For more information regarding Sealing and Bonding please check out the Sika website or contact our office on 01707 394444

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