Guest Blog: Morley Glass & Glazing

George Fraser KD948-182Hi, I’m George Fraser, Marketing Manager for Sealing and Bonding.

The previous posts written for the Sika Blog have all been by employees of Sika, for this edition of the Sika Blog  we thought we would turn the tables and ask one of our customers, Morley Glass and Glazing, to write a guest blog on why they work with Sika.


The door and window industry may be one of the country’s largest manufacturing industries, but arguably that makes it one of the most competitive. That’s why the most successful businesses in our sector are the ones who place quality at the heart of everything they do and choose the right supply chain partners who they can depend on as they innovate.

With over 30 years’ experience behind us, we’ve worked hard to establish a position at the forefront of the integral blinds market in the UK and we are now the country’s largest fabricator of ScreenLine® integral blinds with our Uni-Blinds® range. These are blinds which sit inside a double or triple glazed sealed unit and are available in a number of colours and styles for outstanding visual appeal.

We have an active new product development programme which continues to help our customers address new challenges with confidence. Our latest development, in conjunction with our glass supplier Glassolutions, is a fire rated Uni-Blinds sealed unit which Sika played a key role in helping us bring to market.

The choice of sealant is important as it has a major impact on the finished quality of the sealed unit and how well it will perform long term. We need total assurance of the sealant’s performance capabilities in order to offer our industry-leading five year warranty.

In developing a new fire rated sealed unit complete with Uni-Blinds inside, we worked with an independent consultant to assess a number of sealant options and decided that Sikasil® IG-25 HM Plus was by far the best option.

Whilst the product itself is impressive in its capabilities, what impressed us even more was the dedication of Sika’s technical team in working with us to make our fire rated unit a success. This was above and beyond anything we’ve experienced before.

Firstly, in selecting the right product to use for the application, Jeff Richards was extremely helpful. This ensured we avoided costly mistakes further down the line. And secondly, compared with the other sealants we use, Sikasil® IG-25 HM Plus is totally different. Despite this, it did not present a challenge thanks to the high level of support provided by Sika.

We’re really pleased with the way this project has evolved and our fire rated sealed unit is on-track for launch in 2015. It will be another fantastic differentiator to keep Morley Glass and Uni-Blinds in pole position.


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