Roofing – Selecting a quality manufacturer can pay dividends in the long run

jon morrisSelecting a roofing system is one of the most important decisions in any new build or refurbishment project, based on the potential costs to inhabitants of that building or workplace and the potential time and investment needed and wasted from a maintenance perspective, if that roof was ever to fail. In addition it is crucial that the contents within a building are protected, especially for those buildings containing high value assets or operational systems.

From a long term perspective, investing in a proven and trusted manufacturer becomes a viable option, when you compare the potential costs of failure, and the likelihood of this happening, if an unproven roofing system, from an unproven manufacturer was selected.

This is even more apparent in refurbishment situations, as all responsibly and potential costs lie with the building owner, as there is no structural warranty. From a refurbishment perspective, patching up your roof year after year is a costly measure both in terms of financial requirement, and the operational time and resource needed to continually deal with these ongoing issues.

So why is selecting a PROVEN manufacturer, so important in the process of roofing?

1. Lifecycle

For a building owner, a cheaper version of any product always looks appealing, as it allows for budgets to be stretched further. But this is not always the case. When it comes to your roof, one must always evaluate the lifecycle of a product. An inferior product often has a shorter life span, and based on their build up, can also mean more maintenance year on year than a product which is proven to perform and last.

2. Roof Design

A quality roofing manufacturer will provide design support – that goes further than meeting the generic principles of roofing. They will take into account other important factors, such as falls, drainage, penetrations, wind uplift, highly trafficked areas and access and U-Values.

3. Proven Guarantees

It seems all too familiar, that new businesses, with unproven products are going to market with excessively long guarantees. From my perspective, I would always trust a product that has proof that it can outlive this guarantee period, or believe in a company that has been around longer than its claims of its products life expectancy. Otherwise – how are these claims undoubtedly valid?

4. Quality Workmanship & Trained Contractors

Flat roofing products are becoming more and more complex. So it is of vital importance that ‘trained’ contractors are working on your projects. Again, there are lots of roofing manufacturers that claim to have well trained contractors, but you have to ask yourself – have they gone through a rigorous training process? How long is the manufacturer’s applicator training? Does the manufacturer check new installers work on site before they become approved? Have they been checked to be financially stable?

In addition, does your manufacturer provide expert application support on site… where it matters most? Are projects checked throughout the installation? Are guarantees provided on the basis of a final inspection certificate?

5. Proven Materials

We believe…. that with over 140 years’ experience across our 3 roofing brands, projects that are over 40 years old and still waterproof, 1000’s of case studies from around the world, advanced training academies, and market leading technical and application support  – that the Sika triangle is a symbol of quality manufacturing and trust when it comes to flat roofing.

Sika Liquid Plastics | Liquid Membrane Roof Waterproofing

Sika Sarnafil | Single Ply Membrane Roof Waterproofing

Sika-Trocal | Single Ply Membrane Roof Waterproofing

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