Sika Comfortfloor® PS23 & PS24 Achieve An A+ Green Guide Rating


Sarah Peake, Product Sustainability Manager discusses the A+ Green Guide Rating for Sika Comfortfloor®.

Sika ComfortFloor® systems, Sikafloor® PS23 and PS24, have become the first resin flooring systems to achieve a manufacturer-specific BRE Green Guide Ratings – attaining an A+ the highest rating available.

To achieve these fantastic ratings, we went through a very comprehensive evaluation process. A BRE representative visited two of our manufacturing sites, one in Deventer, Netherlands the other in Stuttgart, Germany to verify the information we had provided about our flooring.

After checking aspects including our life cycle stages, wastage rates and routes, service life and environmental impact, the company were rewarded with the highest possible Green Guide Rating.

Dr. Sarah Peake, Sika Product Sustainability Manager, said:
“Environmental responsibility is a key consideration for Sika. As the first resin flooring system to achieve an A+ rating this marks an important development for the Sika ComfortFloor range.”

Not only is Sika Comfortfloor A+ rated, it is also an ideal solution for commercial and public buildings such as:

where the combination of comfort and care is paramount. Sika Comfortfloor is
noise-absorbent, wear resistant, decorative and easy to apply and ready to use in a short time with infinite design possibilities.

Dedicated to sustainable development, Sika remain committed to pioneering sustainable solutions and achieving this with the lowest possible impact on resources. As more and more designers and specifiers are demanding flooring with the highest Green Guide ratings, the A+ rating for Sika ComfortFloor will help design teams achieve the highest BREEAM score possible for all project types, minimising the environmental impact of any building.
To find the best sustainable flooring solution for your industrial or commercial environment, whether it be medical and healthcare, or food and drink, we can help. Visit our website today, or contact us .

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