Caravan Maintenance – The Right Product for the Job!

AWells photo

Anthony Wells, Marketing Manager for Industry at Sika Limited.

Technology in caravans has evolved over the years and so too have the methods needed for maintenance and restoration. In an effort to make caravans more environmentally friendly, mechanical fixings are being replaced with high tech high quality sealants and adhesives which have been individually modified for very specific applications. A common misconception is that caravan adhesives are all the same and once something is bonded onto a caravan, it’s going to take a lot of elbow grease to get it back off again.

Other technologies are available and suitable to help you make any repairs in preparation for the summer holidays ahead.


Silicones are a flexible and waterproof substance normally used as a sealant for sealing joins in wet areas i.e. showers or sinks, a good example is Sika EverBuild’s Forever White. As silicone is an inorganic substance it’s also more resistant to UV rays compared to other technologies on offer.


Polyurethane technology is perfect for sealing and bonding which needs some flexibility and is also not exposed to UV light (internal). The main benefit of Polyurethane is that it’s unlikely that the seals will not require stripping out and resealing. A good example of this technology is Sikaflex 221.

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid solutions like Sikaflex 552 adhesive system or Sikaflex 512 Caravan benefit from a combination of some of the properties from Polyurethane and a Silicone. The benefits of this technology vary from product to product but generally it’s a high strength solution which can be used in areas of the caravan / motor home where there is high stress in joints and external seals.

Non Setting Butyl Sealant

This technology is the better choice for those situations where there is a possibility of future dis-assembly e.g SikaLastomer710. Used for a variety of joints in caravans and motor homes. Recommended for sealing the perimeter of a caravan roof.

Please refer to the most recent product datasheet prior to use

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