How Can I Remove Sikaflex®?

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Anthony Wells, Marketing Manager for Industry at Sika Limited looks at one of our most common customer enquiries…

Over several years Sikaflex® has built a long standing reputation of providing a strong and permanent bond. Whilst this provides peace of mind for many Sika customers, it also creates a common question amongst those who are new to using Sika products “How can I remove Sikaflex®?”

Sikaflex® is a polyurethane technology, developed to produce a strong and long-lasting bond, unlike some silicone technologies, it’s ideal for applications that do not need repeating on a seasonal basis. The technology is used extensively by many boat owners, caravan owners and classic car restorers, bringing their vehicle or boat to an OEM standard.

Uncured Sikaflex® can easily be removed by using Sika® hand wipes or Sika® Everbuild® Wonderwipes®, usually this is within the first few minutes of applying the product.

In terms of removing cured Sikaflex®, this depends entirely on where it is applied. However generally speaking, cured Sikaflex® can only be removed mechanically ie a sharp knife, vibra-saw, cheese wire – or abrading it off with a sander.
removing sikaflex

Removing Sikaflex from a window frame by gripping it with needle-nosed pliers and cutting it away with a scalpel

Will Sika® Remover-208 not do the job?sika remover 208

Sika® Remover-208 can be used to remove uncured excess material of Sikaflex® adhesive or sealant from application tools or from soiled surfaces. If the product has cured Sika® Remover-208 will not get rid of the Sikaflex®.

Are there any non Sika® products that can remove it?

Sika recommends that anyone working with Sika products should use the most up to date datasheet for reference (found on the Sika website). Non Sika chemical products are not tested with Sika products; therefore there is no guarantee that it will provide the desired outcome.

For more information about Sika’s range of products and solutions, please click here to visit the Sika UK website.

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