The Secret to Achieving Design Freedom from Rainscreen Fixings in Fibre Cement Panels

Dave Fraser KD956-181

David Fraser, Sika Façade Specialist – Structural Adhesives at Sika Limited explains….

Ventilated rainscreen cladding has become increasingly common in the last three decades with architects, specifiers and contractors seeking a simple, cost-effective but aesthetically pleasing solution which also offers thermal performance. People are progressively looking for ways to avoid visible fixings and increase design freedom in facades, however some panels have particular needs which means specialised innovation is needed.

The two most common solutions for the secret fixing of façade cladding to aluminium or timber frames are adhesive secret fix or mechanical secret fix. The most frequently used fixing method is the adhesive fix, as it provides a cost effective alternative to mechanical secret fix and clearly improves the façade aesthetic when comparing with all visible methods of fixation.

SikaTack Panel, the market leading adhesive system, is BBA certified and has been successfully used in the UK construction market for over 20 years.

Consisting of an adhesive, prefixing tape and surface pre-treatment agents, the system is able to bond to a variety of panel types. However, some panels require specialised solutions. As a result of identifying a key trend in the industry for fibre cement panels, which involves creating a natural stone appearance for a building’s façade, we have responded with a complementary product that increases the options further for specifiers and architects.

Fibre cement has become a more popular cladding choice in a wide variety of sectors where specifiers are looking to emulate the appearance of stone, from commercial and residential buildings to school projects. However, fibre cement panels have particular structural characteristics which a new specialised system from Sika has been specially formulated to address, while providing the same range of high performance benefits as the standard product. The SikaTack Panel-50 system, which is currently progressing through BBA approvals, gives designers further freedom to specify fibre cement panels to achieve the precise aesthetics and performance they require.

Backed by a Registered Contractor Scheme to assure quality of installation, and thorough testing for extreme dynamic loads and climactic conditions, Sika’s innovative adhesive solutions give designers the broadest range of options to deliver on client requirements. Furthermore, Sika’s technical service back-up is always available from our team of experts. We are a wealth of knowledge and experience in rainscreen cladding, in fact you will be hard pushed to find anyone that knows more!

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