Industrial Floors: Achieving Both Hygienic Functionality & Aesthetics

Simon Clark KD948-360

Simon Clark, Product Manager for Flooring at Sika Limited explains……

When industrial floors perform well, they go largely unnoticed, but if they fail it can be with disastrous consequences. Ensuring that a building’s internal environment can be kept to the highest standards of hygiene as well as meeting both health and safety, and environmental regulations is never going to be easy, so when it comes to choosing the right industrial floor, what is the best route to finding an aesthetically pleasing solution that ticks all the boxes?

Every floor space has a specific set of requirements, from general traffic and mechanical wear, through to fire and chemical resistance, slip resistance, impact resistance and permeability to liquids. Then there is the installation process itself. Is the space in question within a carefully controlled temperature range such as a food manufacturing plant, or is there a requirement to cure the system to a specific timeframe to ensure minimal downtime and disruption to a business?

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